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080822 Regular Meeting Agenda.pdf2A Appointed Presiding Election Judges 080822.pdf2B TAC HEBP Renewal 080822.pdf3A 061322 CC Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf3B1a Adult Probation July Monthly Report 080822.pdf3B1a Adult Probation June Monthly Report 080822.pdf3B1b Juvenile Probation July Monthly Report 080822.PDF3B2a District Clerk July Monthly Report 080822.pdf3B3b Agrilife Extension CEA FCH July Monthly Report 080822.pdf3B4a Auditors July Monthly Auditors Report 080822.pdf3B4b Auditors July Monthly Budget Report 080822.pdf3B5a Treasurers July Monthly Report 080822.pdf3B6a Justice of the Peace Pct. 1 July Monthly Report 080822.pdf5A BUDGET AMENDMENTS FOR COURT 080822.pdf5B Accounts Payable 080822.pdf5C 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe with Police Package 080822.pdf5D 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe Wichita Falls 080822.pdf5F Tax Exemption for CAD Acct 26441 080822.pdf5J TAC Dental Quote for Tyler County 080822.pdf5L Allegiance Ambulance Emergency Services 080822 (2).pdf5L Allegiance Ambulance Emergency Services 080822.pdf5M Deputation of Torri Russell District Clerk 111522.pdf5N Election Service Contracts Between County Clerk and Cities and Schools 080822.pdf5T Survey of Tyler County Courthouse by Shine DCCM 080822.pdf5U Crosscourt Land Addition No. 1 Subdivision 080822.pdf5V Tyler County Historical Commission Letter Distinguished Service Award 080822.pdf5W Rowland Priddy Oath ESD #1.pdf5Y Annual Maintenance Image Tek for County Clerks Office 080822.pdf